Dallas Stars Preseason Games to Mark on Your Calendar

The Dallas Stars recently announced their 2018 preseason schedule, and it features seven games: three home, three away, and one neutral. Although Stars regulars won’t be mainstays in the lineup for every matchup, there are a few preseason games you want to watch out for.

Whether you’re new to hockey or a seasoned pro, the preseason means a few things. First, it’s an opportunity to see the direction the Dallas Stars will take in the future and get a glimpse of what’s to come with in the system. Second, it’s a signal that the league is gearing up for the new season, which means hockey is around the corner.

As we anxiously await the release of the 2018-19 regular season, which should be released pretty soon, these are the preseason games to get tickets for this year.

Tuesday, Sept. 18: Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues

The first game to kick off the preseason is always interesting. Neither team really knows what to do because it’s a disorganized mess of players who have never really skated together. That coupled with the unusually warm weather makes for an interesting evening of festivities.

This year, the Stars will open the preseason at home against the St. Louis Blues. As a division rival, this game proves to give fans the opportunity to see what another team in close proximity has to offer up front.

No, the preseason isn’t meant to determine the exact trajectory of the teams playing; however, it can be a guide for what’s to come. And getting that information about another team you’ll play often is never a bad thing to watch.

Saturday, Sept. 22: Dallas Stars vs. Florida Panthers (Tulsa, Okla.)

If you’re a hometown Dallas Stars fan with an itch to see the boys play somewhere other than the American Airlines Center, this game was made just for you. A significantly shorter commute than any other NHL arena in the league gives fans in Texas the chance to see the team in a new environment this preseason.

And it’s technically considered a home game for Dallas, which means they’ll need all the Victory Green they can get at BOK Center.

Need more justification for heading to Oklahoma? Preseason ticket prices are notoriously inexpensive, so even though you’re making the trek to Tulsa and have to pay for gas and a place to spend the night, you won’t be in the ballpark of the price that accompanies a lot of NHL tickets.

All in All

Really, there are no bad preseason games. You can go for a lesser cost than a regular season game — which are still very reasonably priced in Dallas — and you get to see the young guys play alongside veterans with years and years more experience. Win-win.

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