‘Hammering’ Hank Goldberg on ‘The Hedge’, Talks Pete Rose, ESPN, More

By | Published: June 14, 2018 at 7:30 am

SportsHandle.com is back for more podcasting. In this episode, “The Hedge – Why I Gamble with Jimmy Shapiro” welcomes legendary ESPN prognosticator and VegasInsider.com scribe, ‘Hammering’ Hank Goldberg.

This is Part II of the podcast with Hank. Part I focused on his relationship with and stories about Jimmy “The Greek.” Part II dives into Hank’s long career in sports gambling and sports media. The taping of the interview occurred several weeks ago. Its publication now owes its delay to the avalanche of news that came in the wake of the Supreme Court’s striking of the federal ban on full-fledged sports betting outside Nevada. (Good riddance.)

A list of topics packed with Hank’s great experiences, and time codes, appear below the soundYou can listen on iTunes here (subscribe and give a rating, preferably a great or at least a good one.)

Topics for Episode 11 of ‘The Hedge,’ With Hammerin’ Hank, Include:

  • 0:58: On when he started gambling
  • 1:35: Hitting the daily double on the first bet he made at the track and then falling in love with with gambling
  • 4:18: On his dad being a sports columnist and not approving of his gambling
  • 6:37: What should horse racing do to appeal to a younger audience
  • 8:05: Horse racing is their own worst enemy
  • 10:18:  What he thinks horse racing will be like in 10 years
  • 11:00:  How the ESPN relationship came about
  • 11:30: On doing radio with Keith Olbermann and Tony Bruno, and how it was the best radio he ever took part in
  • 14:02: On Brent Musburger starting VSiN
  • 16:51: On meeting and working with Howard Cosell
  • 20:20: On his start in sports radio
  • 27:30: On his relationship with Al Davis and how Al gave him lots of breaking news and football nuggets and played a role in Hank moving to ESPN on television
  • 29:40: On how Al Davis would feel about Raiders moving to Vegas
  • 30:20: His opinion why legalized gambling outside of Nevada has been frowned upon
  • 32:20: On his favorite type of wager
  • 33:30: Hank’s best gambling story
  • 36:00: On the NFL restricting what Hank could say in his NFL gambling segments on ESPN
  • 37:10: On the year on ESPN his NFL picks went on 24-5-1 run
  • 42:30: On Pete Rose gambling

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